4 Times World Champion

Team Building

Kash is a pro at building teams and can help your group work both smarter and harder. Fuelled by his passion for self-improvement, Kash and his team provide corporate workshops to increase productivity and teamwork in the office.

Get ready because this is about more than just fitness!

Using effective communication techniques and trust-building exercises, participants will learn to form strong relationships of trust and confidence between one another.

Joining forces to make the workplace more productive and efficient is an excellent way for everyone, from apprentices all the way up to CEOs. Even if you're not in charge of managing teams-you'll learn how combining strengths can help a team achieve incredible things!

Interested in bringing self-defence to your organization?
Our self-defence group sessions teach participants basic techniques to deal with threatening situations. These sessions are led by our specialist in self-defence. He'll show you the secrets to handling any situation, no matter how challenging it may be. From an aggressive person to accidentally brushing up against someone in a large crowd, you will learn to efficiently handle any challenge!
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