4 Times World Champion

Team Building

Fuelled by his passion for self-improvement, Kash provides classes, personal training and corporate workshops for clients, aimed at increasing productivity and teamwork in the office. Taking place in his gym, Kash The Flash Gym, he helps clients to build trust and develop effective communication within their team. From CEOs to apprentices, all members of the workplace benefit from Kash's insight. 

Kash The Flash gym is now offering team and moral building sessions for organisations where participants will learn how they can cement relationships of trust and confidence between one another through the use of effective communication and trust building exercises. The sessions are aimed for both employers and employees and Kash The Flash gym are able to discuss your requirements further.

There are also opportunities for self defence group sessions which are geared towards teaching participants basic techniques to deal with threatening situations. These sessions are led by one of our senior instructors who specialises in self defence. For more information, get contact.