My gym specialises in Kickboxing, Self Defence and Fitness sessions to suit all ages and abilities, from those looking to get fit and shed a few pounds to those who have their heart set on being the next champion.

Rest assured with our professional, experienced, instructors your kids will receive only the best tuition.
Comments From Our Customers
  • Patricia

    I have tried so many gyms in my area but nothing seemed to be working for me to lose those extra pounds. Being an adult, l didn’t think joining a martial arts gym would be good idea, how l was so wrong. The training is so much different, not one session is the same, the instructors have a wealth of knowledge and they are so easy to get along with. I wish l had joined so much earlier and the weight is now dropping off!!
  • Jimmy

    My son's behaviour was bad because he was hanging out with the wrong crowd at school, so l got him involved in martial arts. I must say, after a few months he has become positive, concentration has improved so much, he's disciplined, respectful and excelling at school. I can't thank this gym enough for making my son realise his full potential
  • Kalsi Family

    Our daughters were shy, quiet and reluctant to get involved in group activities. However, now they are so full of energy, confident and focused after coming to this gym. It’s hard for any parent to let their daughters be involved in martial arts but this gym makes them feel like home.
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